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2000 Lbs. Of LoveLipstik Video1998X
Aerobisex Girls 1Lipstik Video1983X
Aerobisex Girls 2Lipstik Video19891X
Anal Annie and the Backdoor HousewivesLipstik Video1984X
Anal Annie and the Magic DildoLipstik Video1987X
Anal Annie and the Men in Her LifeLipstik Video1993X
Anal Annie and the Willing HusbandsLipstik Video19851X
Anal Annie Just Can't Say NoLipstik Video1985X
Anal Annie's All-Girl Escort ServiceLipstik Video1990X
Anal NymphettesLipstik Video19951X
Anal RompLipstik Video1995X
Anal TrampsLipstik Video1995X
Babes of the Bay 1Lipstik Video1993X
Babes of the Bay 2Lipstik Video1995X
Best of Anal AnnieLipstik Video1993X
Big Boobs PartyLipstik Video1985X
BitchesLipstik Video1993X
Charlie's Devils 1Lipstik Video2000X
Charlie's Devils 2: The Next PositionLipstik Video2001X
Computer GirlsLipstik Video1984X
Curse of the Lesbian Love GoddessLipstik Video1998X
Fast TrackLipstik Video1992X
Flaming Tongues 2Lipstik Video1988X
Flaming Tongues 3Lipstik Video1988
Freak of the WeekLipstik Video1995X
Girl World 1Lipstik Video1989X
Girl World 1Lipstik Video1987X
Girl World 2Lipstik Video1987
Girl World 3Lipstik Video1989X
Girl World 4Lipstik Video1989X
Girl World Collectors EditionLipstik Video1989
Girlfriends Of Candy WongLipstik Video1984X
Girls and Their ToysLipstik Video1982X
Girls Of Anal U.Lipstik Video1995X
Girls Of Dyke ManorLipstik Video19962X
Girls Of KLIT HouseLipstik Video19852X
Goin Down at the Bunny RanchLipstik Video20031
Hotel LesbosLipstik Video1986X
Inner PinkLipstik Video1988X
Inner Pink 2Lipstik Video1990X
Inner Pink 3Lipstik Video1994X
Inner Pink 4Lipstik Video1995X
Les Lesbos of Paris 1Lipstik Video1985
Les Lesbos of Paris 2Lipstik Video1985X
Lesbian CastleLipstik Video1994X
Lesbian Dating GameLipstik Video1993X
Lesbian Ho' Down at the Bunny RanchLipstik Video20001X
Lesbian Love ConnectionLipstik Video19921X
Lesbian Love DollsLipstik Video1995X
Lesbian Mystery Theatre: Case of the Deadly DikeLipstik Video1994
Lingerie GirlsLipstik Video1987X
Lips On LipsLipstik Video19891X
Mother Nature's Bulging BelliesLipstik Video1995X
Nightmare On Lesbian StreetLipstik Video1995X
Outlaw WomenLipstik Video1984X
Rear Action GirlsLipstik Video19841X
Rear Action Girls 2Lipstik Video1985
ReunionLipstik Video1984X
Roommates to LoversLipstik Video1995X
Sappho SextetLipstik Video1984X
Search For Canadian BeaverLipstik Video1994X
Sex ProfessionalsLipstik Video1995X
Shaved BunniesLipstik Video1985X
StunnersLipstik Video1994X
Stunt WomanLipstik Video1990
Three Beauties and a MaidLipstik Video19832X
Transsexual NewsLipstik Video2001
Transsexual SuperstarsLipstik Video2000X
Trashy LadiesLipstik Video1993X
Valentine's ChallengeLipstik Video1992X
Valentine's WonderlandLipstik Video1992X
Video GirlsLipstik Video1985X
Watching TV SexLipstik Video2000X
What's The Lesbian Doing In My Pirate MovieLipstik Video1995X
Woman's LustLipstik Video1983
Women Times 4Lipstik Video1983
Women's Secret DesiresLipstik Video19832X

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