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From: Patrick Riley <>
Date: Tue, 08 Jan 2002 17:27:10 EDT

2001--Video Team
Producer/Director: Tom Stone
Featuring: Luana, Cristina, Perola, Bia, Angel, Jady, Lorena, Mark Anthony, Kid Jamaica, Sandro, Carlos

Read the general note on this series first. Spoilt! That's what one is after viewing this collection of adorable Brazilian flesh. When I die I want to go to the Brazilian section of heaven. Luana, Perola, Jady, and Lorena are all in {Hot Girlz #2} so buy or rent that movie too for the complete experience.

First up are Luana and Cristina who preen and do a rather perfunctory g/g while standing (mainly) on a bed and Mark is videoing the action. It quickly becomes a three way with an anal of Cristina only but not before you've had a chance to admire the gorgeous firm little butts and the perfect medium tits. Cristina may be Cristina Rio from {#5} in this series but she's missing the tattoo on her left belly which could be due to superior makeup or to the chronology of these scenes or because it's a different girl. Either way this one has medium firm tits, long curly black hair, paintbrush, birthmark above belly button, mole under her left tit, and not as good dentition as the others.

Perola is slightly bigger and slightly darker than the other girls but her hardbody is taut and adorable with firm medium tits, flat belly, fur fringed pussy, tight waist, tattoo on her right side back, tattoo on her right shoulder back, and a tattoo on the back of her neck. She dances on the coffee table for one of the studs and gradually sheds her bra and panties. The guy's is getting steamed up (and I was too) so it leads to a screw including a painful anal and the typical facial which she hates--nice to see some independence.

Out beside the pool, some guy videos a mock fight between another guy and Bia, a very young looking girl with a passable face, short black straight hair, tailbone tattoo, medium tits, and a to-die-for little butt. Eventually he grabs her and she wilts into his arms. After some fondling the right way with the guy behind the girl, the cameraman joins in and they share her including an anal ending in two facials. Due to the camerawork, you can't tell if both penetrate her--I suspect one only gets a BJ.

Angel dances under the outdoor shower and gradually sheds her bikini while Kid Jamaica watches from a distance. After a while he's (and probably you are) rearing to go so after some kissing they screw including an anal. Angel has a passable face, small tattoo above her right butt, shoulder length curly black hair, tight waist, flat belly, lovely little butt, fur fringed pussy, and a lithe body.

The last scene is a killer and opens with Mark videoing Lorena who's lying in a deck chair beside the pool. She responds by preening and arching her delicious body and then Mark abandons her and moves inside to a Jacuzzi where he finds a naked Jady. He videos her preening and then Lorena arrives and seems miffed that he has transferred his attentions. No problem. The girls head off to the bedroom and begin a g/g which is shortly converted into a three way with the addition of Mark. It includes an anal of each girl and ends in the usual facials. So gorgeous! If all of porn were populated by the likes of these two, I'd never leave the TV.

All scenes end in facials and condoms are used throughout. Dates of production: 6/3/01, 7/8/01.

Patrick Riley
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