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Cocoa Nut Busters Hardcut 2

Studio: » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 10/1/16

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Genre: Interracial BBW Big Black Tits


Cast: Maserati, Melissa Reed, Chantal Reed, Natasha Dulce, Betty Blac

Length: 122 min.

Condoms: None

Release Date: Sept. 15, 2016

Extras: None

Directors: Unknown

Video/Audio: Shot in anamorphic digital video in slightly muffled 2-channel stereo

Overview: Fine collection of plus size black women having sex with white guys with an emphasis on their big chocolate tits. I'm assuming some of these scenes were shot for this disc however I know of one pulled from another source. That doesn't really matter though concerning the talent. None of the guys names are listed so your guess is as good as mine about who they are.

Scene One: Melissa Reed

Very pretty Melissa Reed starts the the show with her guy undressing her and ogling her tits. He kisses them and slaps her ass as he pulls down her pants, taking in all of her plus sized beauty. He pulls down his pants as he sucks on her tender nipples. This allows her to stroke and suck on his cock as he continues to undress her. She wraps her big brown melons around it and titty fucks him for a moment before he teabags her, fucking her tits while she licks his balls. When he finally enters her pussy she's wet and ready, plowing his cock deep into her hole. She moans with pleasure as she calls him daddy and begs him to fuck her. After giving it to her missionary she climbs on top of him and rides his white shaft, her sweet ass bouncing on his cock. They then go into a doggy and he slaps her beautiful plus sized ass making her moan more. I love it when she keeps calling him daddy. They end up with him fucking her pile driver style before shooting his cum on her gloriously huge boobs and pretty face. Very well shot scene with a lot of energy and passion.


Scene Two: Chantal Reed

This scene opens with Chantal Reed's guy worshiping her huge brown tits, rubbing them and bouncing them in her low cut blue dress showing lot's of cleavage. He kisses and caresses them, burying his face between them. He very sensuously kisses her neck as he pulls her dress down, cupping and rubbing her tits through her bra before removing it. She pulls her bra down and he sucks on her huge naturals making her nipples stand up. He sucks and fondles her until getting her completely naked and laying her on the bed. With her legs spread he rubs and fingers her pussy making her cum as he sucks on her huge mams. He takes his pants off and she sucks his already throbbing cock as she rubs herself. He then titty fucks her, Chantal jacking his cock with her tits. He lays down and Chantal climbs on top, sliding her sweet brown box down his shaft. He bucks and fucks her pussy until she cums with his balls slapping against her clit. After fucking him cowgirl style they go into a doggy. It's such a thing of beauty to see his ivory shaft entering her ebony hole. They spoon for a little bit, the guy's had cupping and rubbing her massive melon, bringing her nipple up to her mouth for her to suck as he fucks her from behind. He rubs her clit and makes her cum before having her jack his cock and shooting his load on her pretty face. Overall a good scene with lots of passion. This guy is obviously a titty lover, and there ain't nothin' wrong with that, especially for this disc.


Scene Three: Natasha Dulce

Next we have gorgeous light skinned Natasha Dulce. She's horny and her boyfriend's asleep. So she wakes him up by smothering him with her boobs. He immediately wakes up and starts fondling her, rubbing them from behind. He starts sucking her huge nipples before bending her over showing her fine ass. He pulls down her panties giving us a view of her beautiful pussy. He starts rubbing her clit and fingering her pussy, getting her all nice and wet for his cock. She pulls down his underwear and sucks his big dick, making it harder for her. He lays down and she gives him some slow sensuous head, slowly licking the shaft and gently sucking the head. It's a thing of beauty when she looks at the camera as she's sucking his head, knowing you wish it were you. She titty fucks him a little bit before she lays down and he fucks her missionary. Holding one of her legs in the airs he spreads her pussy for his lucky cock, plunging it into her. They go into the doggy for a moment before he fucks her missionary again, making her huge mocha tits bounce as she cums. After she orgasms she climbs on top of him and theres a terrific closeup of her sweet brown pussy slowly lowering on his cock. Her titties bounce as she rides him. He furiously starts bucking her pussy before they climb off the bed and he cums on her beautiful almond face. While very beautiful Natasha Dulce is the thinnest girl on the disc. So if you're just into BBW you might be disappointed with this scene. However if you love big tits then you'll enjoy it.


Scene Four: Betty Blac

This scene starts nice enough. It pans around the room with some nice easy listening music before centering on very voluptuous Betty Blac and her boy toy, the same titty lover from scene two. It's same song different verse with him. He's worshiping her HUGE black tits, kissing them and caressing them through her red top. He plays with her cleavage and she rubs his cock through his jeans before he takes her top off and fondles her massive mammeries. He pinches her nipples and bounces her tits in his hands before taking her pants off and playing with her pussy while sucking her nipples. She loves it as he rubs and fingers her pussy, getting it wet for his cock. He undoes his jeans and she starts giving him some fine head before he starts titty fucking her. She beautifully sucks his cock before she lays down and he teabags her, fucking her face as she fondles her boobs. He titty fucks her some more before she climbs on top and fucks him reverse cowgirl. For this shot the director uses an upward camera shot. While this makes a fine view of her riding his cock, her belly and boobs block her face. It should have been a straight body shot, but that's just me. It's still a fine shot of him bucking his cock in and out of her pussy. When then cut to a doggy style, with her beautiful ass being pounded by his cock. She then rolls over and he spoons her from behind. The look of ecstasy on her face is beautiful as he grinds his cock into her. They go into a missionary and her gorgeous plus sized body jiggles with every plunge of his cock. He fucks her until he creampies inside of her. He pulls out as his cum drips out of sweet pussy. I'd like to know who this actor is. He's a very passionate lover who loves big tits. A guy after my own heart.


Scene Five: Maserati

We end with the star of the show, the great Maserati. The famous Jamaican born beauty with her amazing 34HH tits is a favorite of mine. This scene was lifted from another source and wasn't initially made for this disc. I've seen it before but it's still a favorite. It's a vignette that starts with Maserati interviewing for an assistance job. The interviewer looks over her resume and contacts one of her references who tells him she makes a great creampie. She tells him she really needs the job and starts seducing him, rubbing his cock through his trousers and licking her full lips seductively. She undoes his fly and pulls his cock out to suck. She gives him some excellent head. They go over the the sofa in his office and she jacks his dick as he undresses her. She pulls off her top and bra revealing her amazingly full tits. He sucks on her huge nipples before sitting down and having her suck on his cock. She gives some amazing head as he pulls her pantyhose off revealing her gorgeous brown ass and white thong panties. He rubs her pussy and clit making her suck on his cock even harder. She sits on his hard cock riding him reverse cowgirl. Her huge tits bounce every time she plunges on his ivory shaft. She turns around for a regular cowgirl giving us a great shot of her perfect ass riding his cock. This also gives us a great shot of him sucking on her huge tits. She lays down and he spoons her from behind. It's a thing of beauty to see his white cock fucking her chocolate mocha pussy. They hold hands and look into each others eyes as she cums on his cock. They then go into a doggy style and a missionary before he creampies inside of her. She pushes his white cum out of her and it looks great as it dribbles down her ass. Maserati is a true star. Her voluptuousness, beauty and plain raw sexuality make her one of the best African American actresses today.


Overview: This is a very good gonzo title for lovers of white guy/ebony girl porn, which I think there needs to be more of. The actresses on this disc are all beautiful and the sex is incredibly passionate. The lack of extras and actor info is made up for by the content. I definitely Recommend title.

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