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True Anal Sluts 2

Studio: » Review by Moutasem "Mutantmo" Seyam » Review Date: 2/4/19

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Main Menu Disc 2

If you open up the DVD box for True Anal Sluts 2 you’ll see that is a two-disc set. It is also indicated on the front cover. The inside box has a plastic flap to hold the extra disc part of this package. It flips in the box like a page in a book. The actual design of the box carries a clean cover with no penetration pictures. Just an abundance of bright neon colors from the girls' outfits following that True Anal vibe. The box’s front cover design has the beauties modeling their looks either by standing elegantly or sitting on a chair with an ass arched out. The logo of “True Anal Sluts 2” sits at the bottom middle of the box right above the director’s credit and the movie runtime at very bottom. Mi-Ha Doan stands triumphantly over her name credit and the notification that this film carries her first anal scene is next to her. The tag line “Anal In Every Scene!” is advertised on the box right next to Mi Ha Doan’s pose.

True Anal Scene Selection

Flip the box around to see the hardcore images from the actual film organized in four sections with individual coloring. Each girl's scene listed with descriptive text near the collection of screens on this back box. “Butthole Pleasures With Daisy..” is the tag line you’ll read in the middle of Daisy Stone’s section of screenshots for example. The thumbnail screens show hardcore penetration images with pictures of gaping accompanying them in this busy collage. That infamously microscopic yellow text that advertises things like the “No Regional Coding” and “Photo Gallery” are squeezed at the very bottom. All of the special features listed below are sitting on disc 2 for the browser to indulge in. There are even indications of True Anal’s social media presence with a small corner dedicated with the “” for Instagram and Twitter access.

Daisy Stone, Pepper Hart, Jessica Rex, Mi Ha Doan, Lola Fae, Mike Adriano.
Directed By: Mike Adriano

Condoms: No
Behind The Scenes: No
Approx. Run Time: 3 hours and 36 minutes.
Photo Gallery: Yes

AUDIO/VIDEO: Even in the True Anal trailers you’ll hear the visceral beat of techno music flying through. Another calculated element of keeping a brand's vibe is present with the musical selection you'll always hear behind these films. It also bumps here on these two discs as the soundtrack while you browse the menus. Heavy bass speakers or headphones will exploit the thundering sleazy beat. Magnified stills of the models are the background for the menus. Even on the scene selection with the animated chapters, you’ll have Pepper Hart and Jessica Rex gazing at you while you browse. The music will continually loop as you go from menu to menu on this DVD. Back on the scene selection menu, each scene’s chapter is divided into two segments.


the title tag of the film

Immediately I noticed the porno pairing with Pepper Hart and Jessica Rex as a compliment to an already versed cast of anal starlets. A dynamic anal duo! There is also a 1st anal on one of these discs to be viewed. The cult of Adriano will definitely follow suit to yet another temple erected in the name of True Anal regardless. So adding bonuses like a porno pairing or 1st anal only bolsters the ass crushing cause. I know I have favorite performers spotted on this cover so that lure reaches far beyond collectors to even casual Adriano acolyte. These compiled scenes are of True Anal’s best you would have to imagine a colossal cut like this for your DVD player is a lot of anal to tackle. Throw Disc one in to start the selection of ass slamming scenes.


Daisy Stone title tag

Starting the feature from the Main Menu will lead to a brief intro with that thumping music that should be familiar to you by now. A quick montage of the anal mayhem that will occur once the disc is spinning the advertised short introductory segment. After the anal capabilities of the performers are flashed by you’ll have Daisy Stone’s scene start out of the four total found in this True Anal compilation. After the obvious director credit splash, Daisy Stone is standing in a loud red ensemble from head to toe. Even her red panties are part of the matching outfit. The questions are casually thrown at her like where her hometown is and Daisy will answer that she is from “Tampa, Florida”. Arching ass modeling poses are next. They are given to order for Mike Adriano’s inspection.

Daisy with a standing spread.

Mike Adriano goes hands-on with this inspection as he pulls Daisy Stone’s cheeks apart for a deep camera shot of it. The excitement of gaping is also discussed along with some displaying of anal winking during the detailed scene intro. It also turns into a striptease as Daisy lifts up her top to show her tits. Mike Adriano’s hands jump into the frame for a quick grab of Daisy Stone’s breasts. Close zooms of Daisy’s pussy are also part of the camera’s maneuvers. More spread shots occur of Daisy spreading her own ass cheeks this time. She’ll also toy with some ass jiggling in her light twerks as she sits out a far arch for the camera. “I like getting my ass worshipped…” Daisy Stone confesses. Right after that Mike will bury his face into Daisy’s arched ass to suck and lick. A hot moment here where you see Daisy Stone spit on her own butt cheek while Mike Adriano has his face buried in her butt. He licks the sliver of spit off of Daisy massive ass then proceeds to suck on her butt cheek.

Daisy getting her butt sucked.

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A slow display of massive crashing cheek-jiggling occurs as part of this tease walk that Daisy is now on. A pillar in the Adriano ass inspections is to see the booty in its natural state, naked and shaking in the tease walking segment. Mike Adriano will get Daisy Stone in a setup arch for a few more rimming licks after her little stroll. A large purple butt plug is now in Daisy’s possession. She admits for a proper gape her asshole needs to be fucked open but still tries to utilize this sex tool to open her orifice by herself. The first fucks of penetration happen with Daisy’s tight ass hanging out for Mike to step in and pump. A solid pace with solid poking as Daisy descriptively describes how much she is enjoying the anal porking from Mike’s fat penis head. “It is hard not to smile with a dick in your ass…”, Daisy Stone says.

Daisy on top of cowgirl

Mike steps out of frame to for a slimy administering of lubricant to his phallus. After a few more piston pokes he steps out of penetration once again but this time for Daisy to stick his wiener into her mouth for some oral. Showing the precision of the sexual chemistry Mike Adriano even asks what position Daisy Stone would like to enact next. Arched in doggy is where the ass entering will once again occur upon agreement. Mike celebrates this by pushing his penis into a tight asshole arched to ease the access. Now we have an anal sequence in doggy style rocking in full swing. More lubricant is applied to the anal equation of splitting Daisy Stone’s butt cheeks. Gapes do actually occur as the camera jumps in to zoom in on them. Mike even grabs a few munches of these gaping delights. After this, a standing glaze of oil is filmed for a precise spread.

Cum filled gape

This displays Daisy’s immaculate Ass Hang with a shiny finish. A cowgirl mounting is eased into as Daisy will begin to sit on Mike Adriano’s dick for a ride of butt fucking. They go to some more graphic gaping while Mike Adriano has Daisy on top of him riding while her jiggling butt cheeks are in rapid motion. A barrage of face fucking helps to summon the semen from Mike Adriano’s balls. It is decided to implant the semen between Daisy Stone’s ass cheeks as Mike fucks to pop. The scene concludes with a bursting rosebud out of Daisy’s cum filled asshole after the anal insemination.


Title tag of PepRex

A cool shot closes into Pepper and Jessica’s custom made pillows. It brings the excitement of this coupled porn pairing of butt fucking to fruition. It is a healthy match-up of two primed performers contrasting each others style and looks. This just enhances the fan draw when they see two favorite performers paired for an Adriano pooter pounding. The camera spots the two smashing tarts standing next to each other elegantly waiting to be interviewed. Pepper Hart and Jessica Rex’s uniform for today's scene is body-tight mini-skirt lingerie that has a flowing fishnet design to it. With a black and red color contrast, Jessica with her brunette hair in the blood red attire while Pepper is sporting the black version of the outfit with her red hair as contrast. They both answer Adriano’s voice behind the camera regarding their former town of origin but Jessica also chimes in how excited she is for this anal-themed day. She’s ready for the pussy and asshole penetrating she is about to receive and Pepper Hart reiterates this with a simple “What she said…”

Cock suck and a butt.

The tease is furthered as you see both performers seated on the chair for proper arches to be filmed. Pepper Hart has science to her butt curve and luckily she is under the investigative eye of Adriano’s lens capturing every luscious curve to that astral ass. Skirt hiking reveals the hot T-back thongs the babes are brandishing. The camera dancing around this sweet little striptease that is unfolding. The panties are then pulled to the side for a close inspection of the pussies, next the boobs come out as the tops are peeled down. Pussy and boobs out on display for all to see.

PepRex Fun

Jessica Rex is now digging into Pepper’s asshole for a rimming segment. Gently pulling Pepper’s cheeks apart to get her tongue lapping for the camera to glide by and capture. They rotate positions for this rimming adventure. Pepper Hart is now twisting her tongue all over Jessica’s rectum in her turn of rimming.

Stack fucking

Jessica Rex gets the anal insertion first as Mike Adriano dives right into her ready asshole. Pepper Hart is there as the witness to the gape inducing ass invasion. The steady pokes of the pooter also witnessed by the flexible camera. A True Anal staple is the screen-filling shots of gaping and Mike’s dick pumping in and out of an ass like a piston. Pepper and Jessica’s sphincter slamming scene is no exception to that keen camera that likes to zoom in on the juicy parts. Pepper’s legs now lifted up and ass ready for the taking. Mike Adriano inserts himself into her ass cavity next. Blasts of spittle flying form Jessica Rex’s mouth for some natural lubricant are offered. Oil is lathered onto Pepper’s genitals in marination while Mike is still inside the butt. With more lubricant comes vaginal stimulation and it is by the hand of Jessica Rex all while Pepper’s ass is still being fucked. Next, a towering display of butts and pussies as Pepper Hart and Jessica Rex are literally stacked on top of each other. This is to allow Adriano to leap between the four possible orifices to implant his penis in. What you will see is an Ass to Pussy extravaganza of exiting and entering.

Cumfart in hand

The booty stacking is again instituted this time in an arching out. The position where both performers have melded together in a sexual sculpture again stacked on top of each other. Oil is poured on from above the set of asses like a waterfall of sleazy fluid flowing down butt cracks. The pounding of the arched butts is a wild ride the minute Adriano starts his hole traveling or ATP (Ass To Pussy) Journey between the fresh holes he faces. Pepper And Jessica bouncing along for every hole switching pierce. After more ripping reaming the scene finally winds down to an anal insemination poke with Pepper Hart being the recipient. A martini glass is brought into the picture to fetch the load out of Pepper’s asshole. They do some digging around before reproductive fluids finally fall out of Pepper’s ass and into Jessica Rex’s receiving hand. Both babes play and toy with the strands of semen ejected from Pep’s ass. Right after this the viewer’s are rewarded with a bonus rimming segment you’ll see both Pepper and Jessica burying their faces into Mike Adriano’s asshole. From there expect a throat filling insemination finish with Jessica Rex after they are done tonguing his butt.


Mi-Ha Title tag

The basic line of questions is served to this ultimate tart with the cute stage name of Mi Ha Doan. She stands before the camera of Adriano gracefully answering his questions that eventually lead to the revelation of her liking anal. She reveals her ethnic background as Vietnamese as she models her purple outfit that is a combo of fishnet knee high socks and strappy bikini for this vixen. Mi-Ha will take a seat to stick out her scrumptious ass for Mike Adriano’s hands to caress. He’ll give a wedgie so her butt cheeks spill out as the conversation turns to the subject of gaping and the type of porn she watches. The camera pans back out for her to strip off of a piece of her outfit. Now she’s barely clothed in a wire-thin bikini that is purple colored matching her look. With ease, her tits spill out for the camera to take in as Mike Adriano is still continuing his investigation. Full-screen pussy shots are a part of the visual dissection of Mi Ha Doan’s tight body.

Mi Ha's marvelous smile

The meticulous inspection goes more hands-on after some winking attempts from Mi Ha Doan. Mike Adriano himself will spread open Mi Ha Doan’s pussy lips for a closer look as she arches her ass in front of him. We get very close views deep into Mi-Ha’s pussy as the spreading is furthered for this tease. After that Mike Adriano starts dining on Mi-Ha’s asshole with some rimming. He’ll induce some gaping with the rapid insertion of his tongue into Mi-Ha Doan’s open ass orifice. Back and forth Mike goes between tasting sweet pussy lips and Mi-Ha’s cute butthole during this feast. Now you’ll see Mi Ha Doan with her legs in the air and her ass stuffed with a purple butt plug following the color schematic of her outfit. Mike Adriano toys with the sex toy stuffed up Mi Ha’s rectum. This purple butt plug helps with Mi Ha Doan’s gapes significantly and it is only the beginning of the scene. Mike Adriano will proceed to lick these open gapes.

Gape stretched

Finally, actual anal penetration with a penis happens when Mike Adriano’s heavily lubricated phallus pokes into Mi Ha Doan’s ready rectum. Mike will lick the gapes he creates as he pulls his bulging dick out of a tight ass. The gapes get more graphic here during the ass pounding. Overhead shots simulating POV happens for some moments as the camera dashes around the gape-inducing fucking. For a first anal this is a gape-heavy scene. Mi-Ha is now slowly inserting the dick of Adriano in a cowgirl sit. Heavy lube is also another facet of this ass fucking scene with Mi-Ha Doan doing it right. There are waterfalls of oil being poured on Mi-Ha’s ass making this a very sloppy and slimy prolonged cowgirl anal ride.

oily anal insertion

The gapes don’t ever stop even as you see Mi-Ha Doan arched out. It will be with a huge dick piercing her pristine butt cheeks in doggy style for a steady view. The Gape Gloves are equipped as a part of this wide open 1st anal showpiece. The constant administering of the sleaze sauce makes this gape-fest sloppier as the scene progresses with each anal pound. Reverse cowgirl is set up with oil still leaking everywhere. The camera facing Mi-Ha Doan on top of Mike Adriano while she sits on the dick to get her ass fucked. The finale is a load ejected into Mi-Ha Doan’s mouth as she sucks it out of Mike Adriano’s penis. “Did you feel it hit the back of your mouth?” Mike Adriano questions in detail. Mi-Ha acknowledges this as she swallows down the penis juice. She is also welcomed back in front of Mike Adriano’s camera for a future scene by him. Hopefully, for a porno pairing with another girl, they both agree upon.


the title spot for Lola Fae's anal

A luscious and little Lola Fae greets the camera soundly. She is an almost identical outfit that Jessica Rex was wearing in her scene. She also explains this is her first time filming for the True Anal name. She describes where she is from and how happy she is about today’s anal experience all while having a butt plug already inserted in her butt. This becomes the focus of Lola Fae’s intro now since you just can’t help but notice the massive butt plug firmly implanted in her. Mike Adriano slowly starts to pull it out of her asshole. After some gaping then we go to a methodic anal wink of a wrecked butt. The toy is then reinserted slowly into Lola Fae again. After that demonstration of the large purple toy, it is time for the force of real flesh to puncture Lola Fae’s sphincter.

Butt plug pull

The full vision of this is realized as the camera sits atop the penetrating blasts into the Ms. Fae’s tiny ass. The closeup is so immersive that Mike’s dong flops out and hits the lens of the camera during all of the funnel fuckings that results in some rosebuds from Lola Fae ’s tiny butt. Keeping up with the excitement Lola Fae can be seen smacking her own ass as it is getting fucked.

Fae Gape Gloves

More piercing positions will have Lola Fae on her side for some slams of ass ramming. An arching poke is received in doggy while Adriano is keeping this anal machine well lubed for all of this. A squatting reverse cowgirl is presented in this forward motion of ass fucking. Lola Fae is being bent and fucked thoroughly as she’ll show instances of squirting while all this anal is happening. After Lola Fae stuffs her face down between Mike Adriano’s ass for some rimming she’ll finally receive the load in her throat. This finishes this fun anal scene with this fun petite performer.


These two discs encompass a very solid system that keeps the best scenes for these collections. These comprehensive True Anal alliances are offered for collectors and members alike. True Anal Sluts 2 follows these formulas keeping followers who just want more. I myself am no stranger to the Adriano brand of ass fucking films. So the phrase “I know what to expect..” does come to mind. But every DVD I review from True Anal always shows me a hardcore side of performers I’m familiar with or new faces that I just found. All of these performers shining in Adriano’s anal arena. True Anal Sluts 2 just doubles down with proper porn pairings, a first time visit, and a first anal scene in the two-disc anal expose. True Anal DVDs are usually packed to the brim, like tight butts filled with cock. That is why I always recommend their butt stuff.

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